Monday, September 30, 2013

Join the Bradshaw Street Team!

And...we're full!
Thank you to all those who signed up to be the first members of the Team Bradshaw Street Team. We ended up taking 25 instead of 20, and we really appreciate your enthusiasm and support. If you didn't make it into this first part of the team, please EMAIL ME so I can put you at the top of the list the next time we open for new members. Readers on the waiting list will get a chance to join the team before new openings are announced.


Thank you for your interest in joining Team Bradshaw, my new street team for avid fans of my books. We are now open for new members, but will only take the FIRST 20 who sign up. In other better sign up posthaste!
The Team Bradshaw Street Team is basically a fan club where I offer some really sweet perks to my biggest fans in exchange for their help in spreading the word about my books. The team is made up of readers who have read and enjoyed my books and enjoy spreading the word about my books to friends, family, online, and basically anywhere and everywhere you like. :)
Sound like something you'd be interested in? Great! Now let's get back to those perks...
For starters, just for joining Team Bradshaw, you'll receive a welcome kit in the mail. By mail, I mean, the snail kind, the one that involves the postman stopping by your house. The kit will include signed bookmarks for you to pass around to anyone you like. 
You will also receive a little author swag for you to keep as well to show my appreciation for becoming part of my team.
And that's not all...!
Exclusive for street team members only, you'll be invited to join a private Facebook team page (for team members ONLY). On the Team Bradshaw Facebook Page you can interact with me personally, ask questions, and be the first to find out about upcoming projects.
And that's not all...!
Once a month I'll randomly select one team member from the group to receive signed copies of my paperback books or other fun author swag.
And that's not all...!
When new books are released, Team Bradshaw street team members will get the chance to read them FIRST, sometimes even for free.
And that's not all...!
As a member of Team Bradshaw you'll want to check your mail throughout the year because you never know when you'll receive a little something extra just for being a member of the team and spreading the word about my books.
For this first Team Bradshaw sign-up, I'm accepting the first twenty fans who complete the three following tasks:
1. Read a digital copy of my new novel, Bed of Bones, and leave a review. (You can go ahead and sign up now to get a spot on my street team, but just make sure you've reviewed it within the next week). My assistant will check and add you to the team once this is verified.
You can purchase it at any of these locations:
iTunes (we're just waiting for this one to go live, link coming later)
2. Leave at least one review for any of my other novels that you have read.
(If you have already done this one in the past, just let my assistant know when you sign up which book you reviewed and where)
3. Follow me on any social media you currently use (Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc.). If you don't use some of these, no worries. However, at a minimum, Facebook is necessary for you to get important/exclusive team updates.
You can find me here:

Once you've completed the three tasks above EMAIL ME.
In the subject line write: JOIN TEAM BRADSHAW
In the body of your email, let my assistant, Lily, know what you have done to complete the tasks. Also include your full name and home address for our mailing list and your email address so we can invite you to join our secret team Facebook page.
Once we have filled the first 20 slots, I'll mention we are closed for new members at the top of this post, so if you don't see that yet, go ahead and sign up. And if you didn't make it into the street team this month, we'll have sign-ups again in a few months.
Once we've received your email, you'll receive a reply so you know we received it.

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  1. Oh my AM I slow. Gotta get this book so I can read it and join the team!