Monday, February 2, 2015

Featured Author: J.A. Jance

J.A. Jance. Amazing woman. Amazing writer. Her next book release, Cold Betrayal, will be out March 2015, and is book 11 in her Ali Reynolds series (I adore the book cover, by the way). She's a top ten New York Times bestselling author of multiple series.

Ali Renolds series number 11, Cold Betrayal, by J.A. Jance.

I wrote J.A. in 2011 and asked her to give me a quote for writers. At the time she was preparing to bring her 44th novel to print. It's nice to know that as authors, we all struggle at times as we're plugging along to get our next MS completed. In my own writing, I have days where the words flow through me at a rate much faster than I can type. Other days I stare at the screen and become distracted. The key is to keep going. To that end, this is what J.A. had to say: 

"When I bought my first computer in 1983, the man who installed it for me fixed it so that whenever I booted it up, these were the words that flashed across the screen: A writer is someone who has written TODAY!

Those words were a gift to me when I believed I was a writer and when hardly anyone else did. They sustained me in the early years and they continue to sustain me now as I STRUGGLE to bring my 44th book to order. Just because you become an experienced writer doesn't mean the job becomes any easier."

Hope these help.


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