Monday, March 2, 2015

Featured Author: Catherine Coulter

I'd like to bottle the magical anti-aging liquid flowing from the faucet at Catherine Coulter's house. I don't think I've ever known a woman to age so gracefully. Reminds me of those old commercials by Oil of Olay. But enough about that.

Catherine is a talented writer who has the ability to cross genres and still keep you hooked. Her first hardcover was released in 1988, and since then, she's blazed a trail that includes over 70 novels. Her most recent release, Power Play, has stellar reviews on Amazon, as well as all of the online sites.

I previously wrote Catherine in 2011 and asked her to give me a bit of advice to pass along to first-time writers. Her advice was all about being disciplined, which is a must if any writer takes themselves seriously in this crazy business, but I'll let you read it in her own words: 

I will tell you the truth. I plugged along, was blessed, fortunately, with a single very good editor for a very long time, and my numbers grew until finally I hit the NYT bestseller list.

The real key in making a writing career work is discipline. In any endeavor, if you don't have discipline, you're in major trouble. Actually, you won't go anywhere at all without it.

I also strongly recommend Romance Writers of America. It is the largest most professional writing organization in the world. Chapters are all over the U.S. and Canada so it is easy to join your local chapter. And you can do it online. RWA is important because there are lots of beginning writers, so you're no longer alone, plus editors, published writers, agents -- and it's all there waiting for you. When you have a completed manuscript, you attend a regional conference, have an appointment with an editor --

But the very most important thing you can do? BE DISCIPLIINED.

Catherine Coulter

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