Monday, June 22, 2015

Featured author: Janet Evanovich

#1 New York Times bestselling author Janet Evanovich's quirky, unique writing style is the kind of writing that lures readers in and then keeps them there book after delicious book. Her upcoming release, Tricky Twenty-Two comes out in November and is currently on preorder right now on Amazon

Back in 2011 I asked her to guest on my blog, and she graciously agreed to answer a few questions.

1. In the beginning of your career when you were rejected, what motivated you to keep going instead of giving up?

I actually did give up. I wrote three books and just couldn't seem to get published. I burned all my rejection letters and went out and got a temp job. But four months into my new secretarial career I got a call from an editor wanting to buy my last manuscript.

2. Was there one piece of advice you received from an agent or someone in the business in the early days that improved your writing or helped you to eventually get published, and if so what?

There wasn't one piece of advice that helped me get published, but after I was published an editor told me to never hold anything back for the next book. Always put all your good stuff in the book you're writing. I think that's good advice. 

CB: This is one of the best pieces of author advice I've read. Not holding back creates some of the most compelling chapters sometimes. 

3. When your first books were rejected, did you do anything to different with the next book (the first one to be published) that made all the difference, and if so what?

Those first books were mostly about me teaching myself. Typically, a rejection letter doesn't come with a lot of criticism, constructive or otherwise. It's usually pretty much just a "no."


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