Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Arise: Stories of Hope and Encouragement (Written for Divorced Women, by Divorced Women)

Recently I was listening to a religious program on television. The preacher was talking about the responsibility we all have to help one another, lift one another, and make a difference whenever we can. His words moved me. I started thinking about the things I've always wanted to accomplish as an author--not just with my writing, and not just with my career, but with making a difference in the lives of others.

As a woman who's gone through divorce and has watched many of my friends and family members go through it too, one thing I've noticed time and time again is how long it takes many of my loved ones to bounce back again once the mirror shatters. I've watched them struggle. Sometimes for months, sometimes for years as they try to pick up the pieces, find their identities, and figure out how to be happy again.

Though some of us do pick up and bounce back quickly and fully, it's a rare phenomenon. Many people get stuck, unsure about what they need to do to feel whole again. Sometimes all a person really needs is inspiration and support, to feel a sense of hope and encouragement, to be shown how to free themselves from their unhealthy past so they can step into the light and never look back again.

This month I started a new book project called Arise: Stories of hope and encouragement, written for divorced women, by divorced women. My goal is to empower and support women going through divorce or those who have recently divorced by creating a collection of inspiring stories of women discussing what they did to get through it.

For this first volume, we're focusing on women, and I'm looking for women to contribute who have gone through divorce at some point, whether it be recent, or years ago.

If you're interested in submitting your story to the first volume, here's what you need to know

1. Want to participate? Email us HERE, and include the word Arise in the subject line.

2. Stories need to be approximately 2,000 words in length or less. We will edit/proof selected stories and email the final/revised submission back to the submitter so she can see the final result before it's printed.

3. Contributors are welcome/encouraged to write anything they like, and to write from the heart, but you must include a message of hope, encouragement, or advice, anything to explain how you were able to move on/the one thing that got you through it.

4. Only your first name will be included, or if you prefer, we can create an alias to protect your anonymity.

5. Deadline for submissions is March 31.

6. 25% of profits from the collection will go to the Live Your Dream foundation, which helps to improve and empower the lives of women and girls through education, grants, and counseling. This program is geared toward single women trying to find their way again after divorce, and abused women and teens who have come from an unhealthy environment.

7. All contributors included in the collection will receive three free print copies of the paperback book once it comes out, and the option of buying as many more as they like at cost (the publisher's discount plus shipping).

Questions? Don't hesitate to ask!

And again, if you'd like to participate, email us HERE.

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